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About Our Biometric Attendance Systems


The biometric attendance system is, sans doubt, getting widely popular with each passing day in most of the organizations, offices and institutions. The reason being, an increased need of accuracy and transparency in the flexible work culture and professional environment in various organizations and businesses. The biometric attendance system dealer and biometric attendance system manufacturer is also immensely sought after to obtain a reliable and useful biometric attendance machine. Isecurity system (ISS) is one of the leading and reputed suppliers of biometric attendance system such as fingerprint attendance machine, face recognition attendance system, etc.

Utility factor of biometric attendance machine

The various utility factor for biometric attendance system has certainly grabbed the attention of overloaded workforce and the time investment in recording their daily attendance data and creating various reports for further action. ISS is committed to provide you the seamless products and services regarding the biometric attendance machine as we are authentic biometric attendance system manufacturer as well as the biometric attendance system dealer. The benefits you reap comprise:

  • High quality product

  • Easy to operate

  • Maintain privacy

  • Improve time efficiency

  • Affordable cost

  • Real time data

  • Manage multiple shifts with ease

Biometric attendance machine – Adding accuracy and transparency in employee attendance management

When you are concerned about the professional efficiency, you certainly choose the equipment that work as the horses for courses. Undoubtedly, biometric attendance system adds greater accuracy and transparency that you are looking for in order to enhance the efficiency in managing employee attendance system and develop a sound and robust infrastructure in your organization. As a biometric attendance system dealer, we adhere to proactive approach in comprehending our client’s requirement, thus come up with an exhaustive biometric attendance machine that facilitate multiple benefits to your employee attendance management system, so that you can manage the data as per your convenience and utility. From a biometric attendance system manufacturer you can only expect the best.


The biometric attendance machine is prepared with high innovation and distinctive biometric time attendance system that incorporate better attendance management and save valuable time for your organization. If you are looking for a reliable as well as affordable biometric attendance system manufacturer and biometric attendance system dealer, then you are searching at the right place. We would be glad to serve you the product you are looking for.

How biometric attendance machine works?

The biometric attendance system is simple and easy to use. The biometric attendance system manufacturer and biometric attendance system dealer explain that it can be utilized anywhere where employee attendance system is employed, such as schools, hospitals, businesses, offices, small or large enterprises and so on. By utilizing your finger or thumb, a card and face biometric employees, staff or students can registered their attendance themselves and the recorded information in the biometric attendance machine is transferred to the computer which can be retrieved at the time of making attendance and making salary for the employees as well as several other reports based on the monthly presence in an organization, offices or school.

Order the attendance machine direct from the biometric attendance system dealer as per your requirement

The wide range of biometric attendance system let you choose the one that is appropriate and conducive for your organization. The biometric attendance machine can be easily connected to the computer or the HR software that helps them to analyze data and prepared the report in quick time. You can choose the product and order directly from the biometric attendance system dealer that will be cost effective for you as well.